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In order to perfectly match you to job opportunities, we need to know a great deal about you. The few minutes it takes to fill out this registration will save both of us many hours later in the process. All of the information in this registration including your resume and references will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be released to any prospective employers without your approval.

First name NOTE: At this time EnTech is making placements only for those who are currently eligible to work in the USA.
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I certify that all the information given by me on this EnTech Applicant Registration Form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

I agree to not contact any prospective employers that have been introduced to me by EnTech without advising EnTech of any and all communication written or oral. Once the first introduction has been made, I agree to keep EnTech informed on any on-going talks and/or negotiations about the position or any other position within that company, now or in the future. If I decide to withdraw my candidacy for employment for any reason after being introduced by EnTech to any prospective employer, I agree to notify EnTech immediately.

Information Required by EnTech
I will provide EnTech with a list of any and all employers and or recruiters that I have already contacted for job opportunities in the past 3 months. Furthermore, I will provide EnTech with an up-todate resume and list of references.

Disclosure of Employment Documents and Confidentiality
I understand that EnTech will not release my employment documents to any prospective employer without my approval. I authorize EnTech and its officers, employees, independent contractors, associated recruiters, to share with each other, any and all information that I have provided to EnTech.

Once an opportunity has been found, EnTech will carefully review the position, responsibilities and requirements. Upon review and approval by me, EnTech may present me as a candidate for the opportunity. If the prospective employer accepts me as a viable candidate, EnTech will arrange an interview at a mutually agreeable time. I understand that EnTech does not negotiate salary and benefits unless agreed to the employer.

Placement Fees
I understand that EnTech essentially works for the employer and there are no charges to me for placement or consulting services.

I acknowledge that the answers to the questions I have provided are true and I agree and understand all the terms and conditions stated on this agreement.

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